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Internal control

The management target of our Association is that all the management staff and other employees strictly maintain neutrality as a 3rd party survey organization in order to meet the level of trust expected by applicants for our services, and as a result, to enhance our Association value.
In order to attain the targets based on our management principles, we have established a system to enable transparency, fairness, and independence.
In practical terms, in order to ensure 'appropriate operations and improve efficiency', 'to achieve proper accounting standards and ensure reliability of financial data', and to 'perform proper compliance', the heads of all departments hold regular management meetings to discuss management problems, and they establish sub-committees to promote operation management and transfer of information between departments.
In order to attain each purpose, we apply our management principles for internal administration throughout the Association. At the same time, we make clear all approved procedures, authorized standards, and evaluation criteria, with auditing and evaluation by the various committees, and so establish an efficient internal management system.

Governance procedures


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