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Measurement Service

NKKK, as an International Inspection and Survey Association, provides measurement certificates that are used for various purposes in shipping and international trading fields, such as customs formalities, calculation of freight, and third party reports for custody transfer of trading cargo, and so on by confirming the kind of cargo, number, shape, shipping marks, mode of packing, weight, capacity, and others.
Further, NKKK provides various kinds of cargo related information to our customers through our developed web services, such as NIS(NKKK Information Service) and similar web search services(Kentei(measurement survey)-Web Site) that enable our customers to quickly access information about cargo at present and make prompt decision and thus total logistic can be made faster.

Measuring and weighing survey of export cargo

 NKKK provides measuring and weighing survey reports of export cargo. Packing style, shipping marks, cargo conditions, numbers or sets are compared with the figures given in the export documents. Information reported in the certificates is used for calculation of freight, arrangement of transportation plans as well as preparing counter measure methods for cargo loss caused by damage in transportation.

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Integrated logistics service of warehousing

 From receiving of cargo into warehouse to delivery to the customer or shipping company, including preparing inventory of the stocked cargo in the warehouse, NKKK can provide integrated logistics service for all the types of cargo. Sizes and weight of cargo following checking number of cargo, cargo condition, kind, packing style, marks and ID numbers are reported to the applicant in the certificates.
 Our certificates can be used for customs formalities, arranging delivery procedure, preparing container loading plan and various other purposes.

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Weighing survey of import cargo

 Importers are required to submit accurate weight information about cargo in document form, such as for "the amount of the trade transaction" and "Declaration for the customs". NKKK’s weighing certificates have been recognized for many years as reputable and credible among international traders, forwarders and authorities concerned with international trading.
 Further, in case of short delivery of cargo NKKK’s weighing certificates are also accepted as credible evidence among marine underwriters.
 In line with the applicant requests, we can also provide any specifically required cargo information in addition to weight figures.

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Loading survey in freight containers

 NKKK carries out loading surveys of goods into containers, with confirmation of kind of cargo, number, condition, packing style, marks, ID number and others given in the export documents, confirming that all the cargo is loaded into the intended container without any discrepancy. Condition of the container, loading and stowage manner are also surveyed. Our in-house container loading program(e-VanPS) offers advice about optimum loading manner of cargo to achieve the most efficient utilization of a container and maximize the quantity of cargo that can be loaded.
Preparing “Container Loading Plan” with the use of CPPS can be applicable.

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Verification of weight by truck scale

 facilities using truck scale in Port Island, Kobe and Oi pier, Tokyo, operated in accordance with the Regulations of Measurement, Article 110.
 NKKK issues reputable weight certificates for loads of up to maximum 70 tons in Kobe and 60 tons in Tokyo.

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Calibration and accuracy control of measuring equipment

 NKKK provides calibration and proof-reading of various measurement instruments by certified measuring controllers using accurate standard measuring devices that are inspected by National Authority and JCSS(Japan Calibration Service System). We also carry out regular inspections of measuring equipment as proxy inspector for local municipal authorities.
 We can also support hopper-scale operators to prepare a “Result record book of the hopper scale” by attending at the site and monitoring weighing operations in place of a customs officer when they are requested to submit one.
 Further, we can provide other administrative services related to measuring and weighing at warehouses and factories at a customer’s special request.

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Measurement Service


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