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Damage Survey

NKKK’s experienced marine surveyors offer you various surveys with the best network in Japan.

Damage Surveys for Cargo

 In case of cargo damage, claims should be filed in accordance with the results of investigation of the extent of damage, cause of damage, etc. In such cases, the party to whom the claim is made may be an insurer, shipper, carrier, etc.

 NKKK, in addition to carrying out damage surveys, makes appropriate recommendations relating to (a) repair of or disposal of damaged cargo, (b) actions to be taken for minimization of loss of or damage to the cargo, (c) settlement of a damage claim, etc., and issues a survey report for early settlement of claim.

 NKKK damage surveys are accorded great trust by various insurers, and especially trust from oversea clients (shippers, etc.).

For inquiries高さ調整 First Survey Service Center   tel : 81-3-3454-7594 お問い合わせ

Damage Surveys for Ships

 In case of any marine accident involving a ship, on request, NKKK, in a prompt and appropriate manners, (a) surveys the extent of damage to the vessel’s hull and/or machinery, (b) ascertains the actual cause of damage if possible, (c) determines the reasonable repair specifications if requested, (d) estimates the reasonable costs of repair, and finally (e) issues a survey report as early as practicable.

 NKKK offers wide coverage of any kind of damage surveys to ships and/or propulsion machinery at any place in Japan.

 Besides, since establishment, NKKK has surveyed ships and cargo necessary for adjustment of general averages, at the request of insurers, shipping companies, and other parties concerned.

For inquiries高さ調整 First Survey Service Center   tel : 81-3-3454-7594 お問い合わせ

Investigation and Appraisal of Damaged Property (Non Marine Matters)
& International Adjusting

 In addition to damage surveys of cargo and ships, NKKK offers a wide range of high quality services for the below-mentioned affairs.

 NKKK offers a wide range of services to appraise any property covered under any type of insurance. By promptly investigating the condition of property in question in order to (a) ascertain the extent and cause of damage and (b) appraise the reasonable damage amounts, NKKK contributes to prompt settlement of non-marine insurance claims.

 For past disasters caused by large scale typhoons, big earthquakes, etc., NKKK has provided a great number of experienced appraisers and has received special acclaim from the parties concerned.

 Besides, though there are not many loss adjusters in Japan, NKKK has an international loss adjuster so that we can provide international adjusting services, even for large-scale accidents.

 ・Investigation & appraisal for liability insurances,
 ・Investigation & appraisal for movables all-risk insurances,
 ・Investigation & appraisal for contractors all-risk insurances and erection insurances,
 ・Investigation & appraisal for machine insurances or yacht & motorboat insurances,
 ・Investigation & appraisal for goods in transit insurance & forwarding agent liability insurance,
 ・Investigation & appraisal for automobile insurances (against property damage),
 ・Investigation & appraisal for other accident insurances,
 ・Investigation for loss prevention of property,
 ・Appraisal of real property value against property insured value
 ・Estimate of reasonable probable maximum loss (PML)

For inquiries高さ調整 First Survey Service Center   tel : 81-3-3454-7594 お問い合わせ

Damage Survey


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